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Lacy provides impr0v-based therapy groups that blend tenets of improvisation with therapeutic intervention in order to provide a unique experiential therapeutic experience for clients. This improv-Based Therapy is a powerful therapeutic modality to treat eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and other psychiatric and interpersonal challenges.

Overall, improv therapy groups provide clients with a safe and supportive setting to challenge themselves and find success while internalizing foundational regulation skills.   Improv therapy groups provide excellent opportunities for clients to:

  • Improve communication

  • Explore risk-management

  • Improve self-regulation

  • Increase the ability to stay grounded in the present moment

  • Learn new coping and anxiety-management skills

  • Understand more about the way they connect with others and navigate the world

  • Practice flexibility

  • Etc.

Lacy currently leads a weekly Improv for Anxiety outpatient therapy group. Lacy previously led weekly adolescent, adult, and family groups at an eating disorder recovery center and a trauma-focused day hospitalization program. Additionally, Lacy developed an improv-based therapy curriculum that corresponds with an evidence-based CBT group model for clinically anxious primary and junior high students. A research study on this program will be piloted in a partnership with Indiana University in 2019.

To learn more about integrating Improv Therapy into your therapeutic practice, or to inquire about joining a group, contact Lacy.