Lacy is currently working with Indiana University to create a licensing system for the Connect Improv Curriculum. To receive notification when it becomes available, please contact Lacy. Information will be updated here when the curriculum launches!


Right now, the Connect Improv Curriculum that is available through IU includes fourteen progressive modules that cover a wide range of improv topics, including: Building Improv Basics, Yes And Basics, Generating Offers, Co-Creation, Character Work, Ensemble & Group Mind, Jump & Justify, Commitment, Becoming What is Needed, Status, Story, Spacework, and Specificity.  Each module consists of 20-35 games/exercises/activities that relate to the Module Topic and teach social communication skills. 

 The curriculum is designed to scaffold and build progressive skills for students.  Additionally, for each game, the following will be noted: Objectives, How to Play the Game, Variations of the Game, Troubleshooting Tips for challenges you might encounter, and Topics for Processing.  For a few sample games, you can visit this link. (LINK PENDING).

 The curriculum also has the option to divide curriculum games by type or by social communication challenges.  For example, you can sort games by “Warm-up Games,” “Name Games,” “Circle Games,” or “Performance Games,” or “Exercises for Two.”  Or, you can sort them by games that address specific Social Communication Challenges, such as: Non-verbal Communication, Sharing Control/Group Mind, Exploring Eye Contact, Narrative/Sequencing, Spontaneity/Staying in the Moment, Spatial Awareness/Physicality, Building Sentences, or Initiating Conversation and Asking Questions.

 Each year, additional modules will be added to the accessible CIC online, and the curriculum will be updated and expanded throughout the year. 


"With the Connect Improv Curriculum, Lacy Alana offers detailed instructions for playing and teaching a broad selection of improv games that will hone students’ performance skills while simultaneously supporting their personal, communicative, and social development.

I’ve used the Connect Improv Curriculum as a resource to develop classes and standalone workshops for a variety of audiences – from teens on the autism spectrum to engineers working for the Department of Defense. It is a priceless resource." 

- Jim Ansaldo, PhD (Center on Education and Lifelong Learning w/ Indiana Institute on Disability and Community @ IU)

"These days, I use my Connect Improv curriculum weekly to support my middle schoolers' language and social communication goals… and most importantly — they love it! It’s the best activity I’ve found for practicing social skills in real-time. I’m even able to conduct push-in services and get the teachers engaged with their students as well. There is nothing like seeing a class full of adolescent males and their educators virtually silent as they “work” on (or play?) nonverbal communication games. It changes the classroom dynamic for the better!

While attending a training/Camp Yes And with Lacy is a MUST, the curriculum will support you long after the final showcase. You can tell Lacy has YEARS of experience because she is able to anticipate - within the text - exactly where you may hit roadblocks with certain types of students. She not only offers detours for these situations, but authentic teaching moments as well." - Rachel Hopf, MA, CCC- Speech Language Pathologist