More info coming soon about the Connect Improv Curriculum!  


"With the Connect Improv Curriculum, Lacy Alana offers detailed instructions for playing and teaching a broad selection of improv games that will hone students’ performance skills while simultaneously supporting their personal, communicative, and social development.

I’ve used the Connect Improv Curriculum as a resource to develop classes and standalone workshops for a variety of audiences – from teens on the autism spectrum to engineers working for the Department of Defense. It is a priceless resource." 

- Jim Ansaldo, PhD (Center on Education and Lifelong Learning w/ Indiana Institute on Disability and Community @ IU)

"These days, I use my Connect Improv curriculum weekly to support my middle schoolers' language and social communication goals… and most importantly — they love it! It’s the best activity I’ve found for practicing social skills in real-time. I’m even able to conduct push-in services and get the teachers engaged with their students as well. There is nothing like seeing a class full of adolescent males and their educators virtually silent as they “work” on (or play?) nonverbal communication games. It changes the classroom dynamic for the better!

While attending a training/Camp Yes And with Lacy is a MUST, the curriculum will support you long after the final showcase. You can tell Lacy has YEARS of experience because she is able to anticipate - within the text - exactly where you may hit roadblocks with certain types of students. She not only offers detours for these situations, but authentic teaching moments as well." - Rachel Hopf, MA, CCC- Speech Language Pathologist