Lacy's reputation as a trainer and speaker is built on her ability to deliver unique and interactive trainings that fuse therapeutic applications with tenets of improvisation. Customized trainings provide attendees with actionable takeaways and opportunities for further growth and learning about their connection to themselves and others.  Whether you're looking to enhance leadership in your company, improve connection with your clients, or tailor your current programming to a specialized population, Lacy can provide a customized training that will revolutionize the way you function in your professional and personal life.

Lacy blends elements from eclectic disciplines to provide a truly unique approach to building group cohesion, addressing special needs, improving communication, enhancing connection, exploring and heightening play, and implementing creative and fun interventions to problem solve behavioral and emotional regulation difficulties.  Lacy has provided customized trainings to other helping professionals (social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, speech language pathologists, doctors), circus educators, improvisers, parents, and a wide-range of corporations.