Developing Social, Emotional, and Communication Skills through Adapted Improvisation Theatre

Improv is an excellent forum for youth and adults to gain confidence, build social skills, practice life skills, and have fun.  Lacy founded Building Connections, a specialized and adaptive improv program for autistic youth and adults through the Hideout Theatre in Austin, Tx in 2012. She directed that program for seven years before moving out of Austin. She also co-founded and co-directs Camp Yes And in Indiana through Indiana University, which utilizes her Connect Improv Curriculum as a guidepost, and focus on celebrating the strengths of neurodivergent youth while developing social, emotional, and communication skills. 


Adapted improvisation games and exercises are an excellent way for students to practice and generalize social skills in a safe, supportive, and FUN environment!  



Improv provides students with the opportunity to explore valuable self-regulatory skills, such as staying in the moment, being flexible, letting go of mistakes, taking risks, empathy, and emotional expression.


Communication and connection resides at the core of improv, and classes give students the opportunity to enhance their listening skills, express their thoughts and feelings, and boost their ability to co-create and collaborate with others.