In addition to working in the expressive and creative arts, I also provide more traditional psychotherapy services. If you’re feeling stuck and ready to create real change, I can help!

Therapy looks different for each person, and we’ll work together to figure out what type of therapy works best for you. Some people prefer solution-oriented problem-solving. Others prefer to talk it out without defined weekly goals. I’m happy with whatever helps you the most! I can guarantee compassionate and non-judgemental support as we collaborate to help you better understand yourself, heal hurts from the past, cope with stressors, and create a pathway back towards happiness and feeling good.

No matter what you've experienced, I can help you better understand how you became the person you are today, and how to actively create the next chapter of your life. Whether you're looking to make a huge change, or just looking to get to know yourself better, I’d love to work with you! I invite clients to take advantage of a free phone or video consultation so we can get to know each other and see if we're a good fit. Drop me a line through my contact page on this website, and we can set up a call!


Often, people seek therapy when they feel stuck and they want to create change in their lives. I love working with clients to help them “unstick their stuck” and move forward to a place of renewed happiness. Whether something tough has happened, or you’re not really sure why you feel like you do - we can work together to relieve your symptoms and better understand the bigger picture.

I have particular expertise in treating people with trauma histories/challenging childhood experiences, neurodivergent clients, gifted teens and adults, people who identify with high sensitivity, folks involved in adoption/fostering, and those struggling with anxiety and depression.

I am licensed to provide therapy services in Texas and Ontario.