All trainings are fully customized for groups depending on their goals.  A few ideas to pull from...



Feeling stuck?  Want to re-define your own personal or professional philosophy?  Want to have a new framework to use when approaching difficult situations?

While engaging in experiential improv therapy or adaptive improv is tremendously helpful for clients, improv also offers a valuable framework and pedagogical tool for educators and helping professionals.  The philosophical underpinnings that guide successful improvisation can be taught to non-actors to improve listening and deep attunement, increase flexibility, and improve capacity to stay grounded in the present to meet clients where they are.  

improve your connection

Want to be a better boss?  Want to have better control of your classroom?  Want to find genuine connection with a difficult client?

Whether you work in a Fortune 500 Tech Company, a treatment center, or a school for special needs youth, Lacy's blend of improv and therapeutic techniques can improve your ability to connect with your clients and employees in a meaningful way.  Trainees can be taught to enhance communication, improve leadership and managerial capabilities, and troubleshoot challenging situations th

Adapt your programming & Enhance your problem solving

Have a current program that you would like to make more inclusive?  Unsure how to handle difficult behaviors from youth, subordinates, or colleagues in a compassionate and productive manner?

Lacy can help you adapt your programming and approach to accommodate unique needs, create more inclusive programming, or manage difficult situations.